Extensive control requirements on manufacturing processes and quality requirements to accomplish by the aeronautical components require the application of rigorous controls of its processes in order to obtain full control over them.In this scenario, it is vital the use of inspection systems in order to control the integrity of the piece.

  • GE X-CUBE Compact 225 (TRIMEK): The CFAA has a digital radiography station where 3D scans are possible to carry on in components which have been subjected to any operation such as welding, micro-milling or additive manufacturing among others, and detection of possible defects associated with each manufacturing processes is also possible.This station has an inspection volume of 600 x 900 mm and maximum workpiece weight of 100 kg with a power of 195 KV.
  • Alicona: It is a 5-axis 3D optical measurement equipment with which you can obtain complete topographies of cutting tools such as milling cutters or drills. Likewise, it allows to carry out measurements of roughness and shapes of any surface in a fast and precise way.
  • SEM (Coming soon)