Associated companies

Large collaborative projects must seek effective ways to integrate the capabilities, interests and moods of the various technological agents, companies, institutions, and ultimately, of the “partners” of the project.

Among its constituent members the CFAA counts with two agents of intellectual activity development, implementation of R&D and transfer and industrial development. One of them is the university, which by nature facilitates academic and institutional collaborations. The other is the Business Grouping (EIG), a group of companies with common and compatible interests that by constitution seeks to unify, coordinate, cooperate and enhance the action and industrial and business interest within this project.

The grouping is called “BUSINESS GROUPING FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ADVANCED AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES, EIG”. Therefore, it has its own structure and succeeds in making the CFAA relationship with industry a unique, effective channel and generates synergies that can transfer and enhance beyond CFAA itself.

Moreover, being an “EIG member” implies automatically be part of “member of the CFAA” with all its advantages and with a return of practical and tangible results on projects that the centre runs.

The Parties agree to cooperate, through its participation in the Grouping, in research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies, as well as in the subsequent transfer of R&D results from the industrial agents themselves.


EIG partners are companies with different types of commitment and interest in the project, within the general rules of cooperation and compatibility. The following types are distinguished:

  • Leading members (type A), member who contributes the most to the Grouping and to its operating fund, and intensely participating in the life of the CFAA, in their projects and results.
  • Full members (type B and C), with voice and vote in several variants. Intensely participating in the life of the CFAA, in their projects and results.
  • Limited Members (type D), not continuously involved in the centre but frequently in projects of members.
  • Cooperation partners, individuals or institutions that decide to collaborate with the aims and activities of the Grouping, giving institutional or financial support to it.

The latter include the two clusters directly related with CFAA technologies, aerospace technologies and machine tool and accessories. Thus, coordination tasks within the grouping are carried out simultaneously between the Aeronautics and Space Cluster Association of the Basque Country – HEGAN, and the AFM association, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. It is not a coincidence, the CFAA points towards relevant technologies of the aeronautical world and try to drive manufacturers with production solutions to this market niche of high added value and strategic for the country. Hence the participation of both organizations.

This is a great project; Your business can be accommodated in CFAA, and the EIG is your way to participate in the life of the CFAA and get results. Together, the results may not be the simple sum; that is our purpose as a grouping and as a centre.

Partner companies and collaborators

Type A Partners

Type B Partners

Type C Partners

Type D Partners